About the Staff

Owner, Wendy Tredger, purchased the ranch in August of 2009. It has been her lifelong dream to do counselling in a more relaxed, informal, outdoor setting with horse and human partnerships.


Wendy has a Master's degree in Counseling, is a Canadian Certified Counselor and has twenty-five years experience as a counselor, primarily working with youth.  Her background includes over ten years working with First Nations clients, eleven years as a school counselor and four years teaching life skills courses for Portage College.  She has been a Program Therapist at five different group homes over the more recent years.  Horses have been an integral part of her life for over forty years. 


Wendy has her training in Equine Assisted Counseling, has served on the national Executive Committee for the Animal Assisted Therapists chapter of the CCPA (Canadian Counseling and Psychotherapy Association) and has presented her work at three professional conferences.  In 2019, Wendy was presented an Alberta Women in Leadership Award for her work at the Turn Around Ranch.


Arnulf Koegler  (a Canadian Citizen) lived in Canada for more than 30 years (1978 - 2009) before returning to Europe in 2009. He learned the basics about Western Horses and Horsemanship from Larry Hill, Roger Brazeau and Randy Cutbirth.

For Arnulf the well-being of the horse is first and foremost. He considers every horse as an individual. As a result, for Arnulf there is no universal concept to work with horses. One of his most important messages to us, as riders, is that you have to feel where the horse is at based on its training level, psychological and physiological state. This may vary from day to day - same as it is for us humans - we have good days and better days.

To achieve this, Arnulf's work with the horse and the rider is based on a strong foundation of ‘Natural Horsemanship.’ Arnulf’s message is guided by examples of the past and present. Amongst those who influenced his thinking and work are: Tom and Bill Dorrance, Ray Hunt, Jeff Sanders, Les Vogt and Buck Brannaman. However, do not make the mistake and think that he is a ‘want to be clone’ of this or that trainer or horseman. He has his own clear message to share.


During his clinics Arnulf likes to emphasize that a horse is a horse, regardless of the breed. One of his primary messages is that a horse learns from every contact with us humans, both positive and negative. It doesn't know when it's being trained.  All training exercises, both on the ground and under the saddle, strive for one goal: to create a harmony between the horse and human. This may be achieved by the well-known and much aspired to principle of ‘timing’, ‘balance’ and ‘feel’.




Arnulf highly values a solid basic training foundation for the horse and that the horse itself willingly and readily accepts the rider’s aids. His training and horse philosophy have attracted a broad spectrum of riders and horse enthusiasts to seek out his advice and coaching. He has not only successfully worked with Western Show riders and Western recreational riders, but also Hunter-Jumpers and Dressage riders. This past summer (2019) he worked with a qualified FN Trainer (Level A) and active FN judge and her Warmblood horse.


Arnulf would describe himself as an unusual mixture of the traditional Horse Show World, Natural Horsemanship and the old California Vaquero style of riding and training a horse. He considers himself as a lifelong student of the horse and human and the relationship between the two.

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Jim Litchfield raised Quarter Horses for fifteen years and has done a great deal of ranch riding.  He is a brilliant fix-it man and keeps the ranch functioning in all kinds of practical ways:  ploughing roads, feeding round bales, clearing trails and fixing the 1001 things that go wrong at the ranch.  Perhaps his toughest job is to help keep Wendy sane!  He is a great hunter and has a taxidermy business called Buster Creek Taxidermy at the ranch.  Jim has much wilderness wisdom and is a gentle soul with a radiant smile.

International Helpers come to the ranch and trade room and board for farm labor and horse training.  We require that they come with strong riding and horsemanship skills.  We have been doing this for five years now and have had marvelous, talented helpers from Australia, New Zealand, Germany, France, Austria, Switzerland, England, Ireland, Spain and Israel.  Eating adventures abound as we all share in the cooking for family meals!

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