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Hourly Counseling Services

The Turn Around Ranch offers both traditional talk therapy

through hourly sessions

 in an office context

and Equine Assisted Counseling

that includes interactive experiences with the horses while doing counseling.


Wendy Tredger has a Master's degree in Counseling

 and 27 years of experience as a counselor.

What is Equine Assisted Counseling?

Equine Assisted Counselling is a very dynamic form of experiential therapy.​ Interactive sessions with client, horse and counselor supplement the talk. With Equine Assisted Counselling, clients are able to process their issues through direct application and doing, not just talking about their issues.  To book a session, please call Wendy at (403) 895-6995

Why counseling with horses?

Here are just a few of the numerous reasons why Equine Assisted Counselling works:


  • Horses afford a more fun, relaxed and informal setting - far less intimidating than an office.

  • Because the counselling is based on both insight and experience, often better results are obtained in a far shorter period of time.

  • Horses are excellent providers of unconditional love and help facilitate breakthroughs with clients who are reluctant to trust fellow humans.

  • Connecting with a horse can provide powerful learning opportunities as clients work through their issues.

  • Horses are profoundly attuned to people and are willing and able to give valuable feedback.

  • Working with horses engages all of the senses and accommodates different learning styles.

What issues can Equine Assisted Counselling help with?

Some of the issues horses and counsellors can help with include: anxiety, behaviorial issues, communication skills, parenting, anger management, couples challenges, self-esteem enhancement, thought disorders, relationship issues, depression, addiction issues, eating disorders and communication skills. 

Must I have prior horse experience?

No prior experience with horses is needed. Our focus is primarily on building a relationship between horse and human, and the vast majority of Equine Assisted Counselling takes place on the ground.

Is Equine Assisted Counselling right for me?

Throughout our lives, we as human beings experience a lot of "tough stuff", and often times it is comforting to have a caring presence to share our thoughts and feelings with. Equine Assisted Counselling is a fantastic tool that benefits most people, however, if you have severe allergies to dust, horses, hay or have mobility issues, this may not be the best approach for you. In addition, the Turn Around Ranch offers traditional counselling sessions. If you do have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact Wendy!

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