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About the Horses

The Turn Around Ranch is home to over thirty horses of different breeds, colors,ages, sizes and personalities. Each horse is full of individual character!  (Just like us.)  Natural Horsemanship methods form the foundation of connection between horse and human.  Horses and humans both learn to trust here through mutual respect and understanding.  Some of the horses have come as rescues and it is wonderful to witness the transformation as they settle into the good life here.  The horses live very naturally in herd groups outdoors and we are constantly enthralled with their relationships with each other.  The ranch boasts a beautiful grulla stallion named Driftn Silverado who has fathered many beautiful foals.  The horses are very much part of the family and well loved by Wendy, her helpers and her clients.




The Turn Around Ranch is home to many

wonderful breeds of horses: 

3 Friesians, 5 Peruvians, 5 Kentucky Mountain Horses, 

3 mules and all the rest are good old Quarter horses.


The photo to the left is our grulla colored stallion, Driftn' Silverado.

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