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Client Testimonials

“I felt your warmth, enthusiasm and passion for developing a facility that supports not only horses, but people. I think that all of us, no matter what our stated goals, essentially work with horses as a way to get in touch with our core values and beliefs; our innermost desire to live in harmony with ourselves and others. You are to be congratulated on your commitment to creating a facility that supports this. The energy that has gone into revitalizing your facility to meet the needs of clinicians, therapy clients and boarders is palpable. Thank you so much for providing an atmosphere of safety and support for both my personal and equine journey.”

             -Sandy Coombe

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"Wendy is a ray of sunshine- a very thoughtful, caring and kind individual who loves her horses to the moon and back! At the Turn Around Ranch, I get to experience Rocky Mountain House's own little piece of horse heaven! I love the beautiful facilities, including the barn, indoor and outdoor riding rings and the trails galore! Most of all though, I love all of the horses and just cannot get enough of them.


Thank you Wendy, from the bottom of my heart for allowing me the pleasure of your company and the companionship of your beautiful horses!"


              -Michelle Dorochuk

Jag & Becca smiling.jpeg

"If you didn't know what Equine Therapy is, it is counseling with horses.  So you talk to a counselor while hanging out with a horse at the same time.  You and the horse read off of each other and the counselor looks at that and kind of picks up on what is wrong.  Also, it can feel a lot easier than talking to someone in a room all by yourself.  You can feel like you're in an interrogation.

Doing Equine Therapy, you can learn some horsemanship skills along the way with the horse.  While that's happening, it also reduces stress levels and builds you up some confidence.  Life happens and its good to take a break and breathe.  You can learn some ways to deal with all the crazy stuff in life.

So my horse therapist's name is Wendy Tredger and she operates the Turn Around Ranch.  People don't like to talk about mental health issues but they are there.  Today I wanted to share with you how Equine Therapy has made me a better person.  I know that I've really changed for the better!

Becca Pashulka

Becca on Jag.jpeg
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