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Parent Empowerment Program

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Who this program is for:

  • BEFORE:              For mom’s or guardians in immediate danger of having their children apprehended                                   and are willing to get help to learn how to parent more effectively.


  • AFTER:                 For mom’s or guardians who are just getting their children back after they have been                               in care and are requiring support to learn how to parent more effectively.


  • BEGINNINGS:      For new mom’s or guardians who are high risk of parenting challenges and require                                   support in learning effective parenting skills as they begin their parenting journey. 

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What this program is:


Parenting Empowerment is a practical parenting course and

live-in program that involves staff members co-parenting

and teaching parenting skills alongside

the mom or guardian staying at the ranch.

The ranch is a twenty-minute drive from town, so there are few distractions for the parent in this serene outdoor setting.


Relationships with the horses in

Equine Assisted Counseling sessions are significant.

Activities are designed with the horses that provide

an experiential path to process and

resolve their personal and parenting issues,

rather than just traditional talk therapy in an office.


It is a two-month (extendable, if required)

parent mentoring program that is

adaptable to the client’s and children’s needs.


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Parenting skills gained might include: (depending on add-ons they do)

  • An understanding of residential school impacts on parenting.

  • An understanding of trauma and how it impacts parenting.

  • An understanding of attachment theory and practical ways to connect with their child in a meaningful way.

  • Better communication skills – both verbal and through body language

  • Positive and supportive tools for providing discipline and guidance with their children.

  • Some degree of processing and hopefully resolving some of their own issues that impact their parenting, through individual counseling.

  • Practical life skills such as money management, shopping skills, time management, healthy eating and other skills will have improved.


A survey is done on intake, identifying parenting strengths and challenges.  A discharge survey is also done to have the clients self-report on what has or has not changed for them during their time in the program.  Staff observations of gains or setbacks in parenting skills are also noted and these are shared with the caseworker involved.

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Program costs:  

Please contact the Turn Around Ranch for current rates



  • Mother and one child

  • additional rate for each additional child (up to 6 children)



  • Gordon Neufeld’s Power to Parent materials

  • Equine Assisted Counseling sessions

  • Aboriginal activities, residential school legacy understandings & traditional parenting wisdom

  • Impact of trauma and addictions

  • Life skills sessions: being proactive, setting priorities/goals, communication, self-care, etc.

  • Parent mentoring in household tasks, shopping, meal planning, discipline, hygiene, etc.

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