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Retreat & Sanity Breaks

Life in the big world often brings an overload of stress. 


Sometimes there are personal issues to grapple with that just keep getting pushed away in the rush of everyday life. 


If you find yourself noticing (or trying not to notice)

that you keep running from what you know you need to face,

you might find the ability to turn around,

face the tough stuff and get some help with sorting it out here!

IMG_0279 Viente snuggle.JPG

The Turn Around Ranch is a 1000 acre working ranch with 30 horses, in a serene forested setting

and comes complete with creek and river.


The Hilltop Haven is a magnificent log home

with eight guest bedrooms (6 double occupancy / 2 single)

and the Creekside Manor holds accommodation

for another 6 people (all single.) 


It is a wonderful oasis and a breath of fresh air for you to stand back from your stress

and take another look at things –

or simply a place to land for a bit of a

personal, couple, family, friends or team retreat.

The owner of the ranch, Wendy Tredger,

has a Master’s degree in Counseling and practices

in both traditional talk therapy and Equine Assisted Counseling. 


During your stay at the ranch you can book

optional counseling or mentoring sessions,

if you would benefit from having someone come alongside you

in trying to turn things around during your time at the ranch.


Equine Assisted Counseling engages

the client, horse and therapist in activities and interactions

that provides experiential ways of addressing issues,

rather than just talk therapy. 


It feels less formal and is often more fun (and has more impact)

than sitting in an office!

WHO:        These sanity breaks or multi-person retreats are available to: individuals, couples, families, friends                      and smaller teams.

WHAT:       A beautiful ranch setting to simply relax and enjoy some quality time away from your stressors                           at a minimal level.  And a place to get some counseling and support in life’s journey, if this is a                         need for you.  The accommodations offered are a private room and meals involve sitting down for                     healthy, home cooked, shared meals with Wendy and the staff.

WHERE:     Turn Around Ranch, near Rocky Mountain House, Alberta

WHEN:       Book well in advance, as we fill up quickly!  Availability on weekdays is easier to book.

WHY:          It is quite helpful to get a little distance from your stressors,  get a bit of tranquility                                              and help to sort out how to turn things around.  Some of the examples of issues that might b                             worked on in your times here are: trauma related issues, relationship issues, parenting issues                           addiction issues, depression, anxiety, self-esteem, communication skills and personal                                       development.

COST:        Single Occupancy:        $150 / day . . .    $300 / weekend. . .    $900 / week . . .      $3,000 / month


                   Double Occupancy:      $175 / day . . .   $350 / weekend . . .   $1,050 / week. . .     $3,500 / month


                   (all three meals are included in the rate - not just bed and breakfast)

                   + $150 / hour:  add-on for traditional talking counseling sessions

                   +$190 / hour:  add-on for Equine Assisted Counseling sessions

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