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Ranch-hand Mentoring Program

Who is this program for?

  • Clients who are 18 years of age or older who might benefit from life in a ranch setting

  • Clients who are willing and capable of learning ranch tasks (higher functioning) and might like future employment or volunteer work at a ranch.  They should enjoy connection with the outdoors and with animals, particularly horses.

  • Clients who would benefit from practical life skills and personal counseling to help them move forward in their lives.


What this program is:

Life at the Ranch is a live-in program for a selective few PDD (Persons with Developmental Disabilities) individuals who have the potential to become employed or engage in volunteer work as working farm hands.  The Turn Around Ranch is a working ranch with 1000 acres and 30 horses.  Staff will mentor clients in gaining farm and ranch skills which will vary, depending on the season.  These tasks would include: fence building and repairs, feeding and caring for livestock, mucking out stalls, basic horsemanship skills, tractor driving for ploughing fields and putting out round hay bales, basic vehicle maintenance and the life skills and personal skills required to maintain employment.  Personal issues that have hindered them in the past will also be addressed through Equine Assisted Counseling or traditional talk therapy.  Clients live in residence with staff at the ranch during this two-month program.


Program outcomes:

  • Clients gain employ-ability skills in farming and ranching.

  • Clients gain confidence, self esteem and a sense of responsibility as they gain experience and master ranch tasks.

Program costs:

  • Please contact Turn Around Ranch for current rates

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